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My Bio

Lived in Adelaide Australia for most of my life. I've been an actor and spent a year living at a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in Victoria. Became a pre-novice monk for about 6 months but now back in lay-life. I moved to Melbourne about 4 to 5 years ago as the job market is better for people with my skill set. I'm currently involved with Catering for Austrek which is the Victorian Star Trek fan club. I own my own 2 bedroom apartment near the beach, single with 1 cat who does pretty much what he pleases (within the confines of the house and newly built cat run).

My Hobbies

I lift weights as I'm trying to get into the kinda shape that looks good in a Superhero costume. Used to do a lot of amatuer theater but since moving to Melbourne have had difficulty with the hours I work. I'm currently enjoying making props for costuming and I also cater for Austrek which is the Melbourne based Star Trek Fan Club. Just starting to get into costume making myself.

My Occupation

I've done quite a few different things so far. Main jobs have been cooking and acting. Currently working at a Call Center taking inbound calls (no I'm not one of those guy who calls you, you call me image). Doing that as it's full time and the hours are regular.

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